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So I’ve decided to do a ‘quote of the week’ type theme on this here bloggy. Here you can find my take on any quotes phrases etc that have caught my interest. Scattered in these blog posts will be a lot of things my dear old grandma said before she left us.

Recently, my Grandma passed away and I have been thinking a lot about the advice she would give. A lot of this advice I’ve lived and loved and so far it’s done me good.

Let me tell you a little about my Grandma. She worked most of her life as a crane driver, yep, that’s right.. crane driver. The only female crane driver of her time. She was fiercely strong and independent till the end. She was also massively generous and loving and a huge part in my upbringing, filling the hole my father left with his departure. So in memory of this brilliant woman I have decided to share her advice on the world wide web. Starting with one piece of advice that had a huge impact on my life… Fake it till you make it.

One thing my Gran always said to me was “hold your head up high, don’t let anybody get you down”, “but gran” I’d whine “Can’t I just stay here by myself?”, “Don’t be stupid” she’d reply “If you don’t get out there and do things, if you don’t start to act confident you wont get anywhere in life, don’t let them see you scared, don’t show weakness”.

From these types of conversations came my grans most common phrase, “Fake it till’ you make it”.

It took a while for my shy, quiet teenage self to start to act more confident around strangers. However as soon as I started putting the theory into practice I felt the difference… It didn’t take long at all until I was no longer faking that confidence but truly feeling confident, and in turn, happy.

So give it a try, next time you feel like you just want the earth to swallow you whole take a deep breath, hold you’re head up high, and strut your thang. Whats the worst that could happen?

Stay strong, stay confident, stay happy, stay you!