Me, me, me…

If you’ve clicked on this page then you clearly want to know more about me. Well look at you, you curious cat. You’re in luck, this page is allllllll about me!!

Where do I start. I’m a plus size, mixed race (Half white Caucasian, half Jamaican) 22-year-old female.

I have a degree in psychology because that stuff is interesting.

I currently work in a call center speaking to all types of people who have debts. I basically try to get them to pay their debts without destroying their lives in the process.

I’m a Yorkshire bird, to all you non-Brits that means I’m a bit common, very down to earth, and can drink like a goldfish.

I’ve had crushing lows and brilliant highs in my 22 years on this earth and I don’t regret a single moment.

Anything more you can probably find in my blog sooner or later, if not feel free to ask!

P.S I’m dyslexic. Anyone with comments about my spelling or grammar can suck on my left big toe because I have an excuse!!



3 thoughts on “Me, me, me…”

  1. You have VERY beautiful eyes. VERY!


  2. Thank you!!


  3. I’ve enjoyed reading some of your posts today! I’ve lived in Leeds for the past three years and I’m loving your description of a Yorkshire lass haha!


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